It’s me, the lady behind the camera, Nakoa.

A little about me, I am a wife to my oh-so-handsome husband, Anthony. I am a mother to two beautiful amazing little girls, a coffee/chai-tea addict, (no, like seriously) and a scrapbook nerd!!
I was born and raised on a tiny Island called Saipan (It’s close to Guam). Then life went a little like this: Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Washington!

Some interesting facts: I suck at time management, but love scary movies. I’m horrible at dribbling a basketball, but could totally beat you at a chocolate eating contest (because chocolate is life). And… I once got bit by a monkey… yup! (Feel free to ask me about it during our session!)

Otherwise, I’m a very happy and easy-going person who loves life, being a mom, and this creative outlet I’m so lucky enough to call my job.